9 Facts About Male Orgasm

We offer you to get acquainted with selection of interesting facts about male orgasm, which will surely surprise many women.

Fact 1

Lack of orgasm provokes cancer. In course of research by Greek doctors, it turned out that men experiencing orgasm less than six times a month are more likely to get cancer of breast. This seemingly female disease arises due to low content of male hormone testosterone in their blood. Moreover, according to survey of Canadian sociologists, it turned out that of thousands of men surveyed, 43% admitted that they often imitate orgasm, even if they had ejaculation. It turns out that fact of ejaculation doesn`t confirm fact of receiving unforgettable pleasure.

Fact 2

Quick ejaculation is psychological issue. In sexology there is no such thing as “problem of rapid ejaculation”. But in psychology there is similar term, only it is associated not with ejaculation, but with disharmony in sex. Surprisingly, most of “hasty” lovers are cured of this “illness” with help of only words of psychotherapist or truly loving woman.

Fact 3

After orgasm, men become insensitive. Why do many men need temporary “respite” before next sexual intercourse, which can last from few minutes to few hours? The thing is that after onset of orgasm in men refraction period begins – temporary loss of interest in continuation of sexual intimacy. Therefore, even most restless lovers are sometimes annoyed when women immediately after ejaculation actively stimulate them to subsequent sexual affection.

Fact 4

Bright male orgasm depends on correct posture. Eyes-angle-sex-unforgettable orgasm. This string of words is very easy to decipher. Men love with their eyes, so it`s important for them to look at their partner from right angle during sex, in order to achieve bright, unforgettable volcanic sensations from orgasm as result.

Fact 5

Sudden ejaculation is sign of spermatorrhea. It happens, of course – while watching erotic film or looked through magazines with naked women – there was sudden ejaculation. It happens. But in this case we are talking about spermatorrhea –disease caused by flabbiness of muscle tissue around prostate gland. In this case, it is better to consult doctor.

Oral sex in morning is harmful. Morning oral sex really gives men great pleasure. However, these caresses are fraught with undesirable consequences, namely anorgasmia. Point is that bacteria that accumulate during night in woman’s mouth can get into ejaculating and urinary tract and provoke inflammatory or adhesive processes. Therefore, before you begin your morning wake-up session, go to bathroom and brush your teeth carefully.

Fact 7

Men also moan. It turns out that 50% of men during attainment of unearthly bliss are prone to violent emotional reactions – they moan, convulsions through body, sometimes swear and even cry. And only 20% of male representatives don`t show any emotions during orgasm and are silent.

Fact 8

Tantric sex is dangerous. If man every time tries to artificially prolong sexual intercourse, then he is really not selfish lover, and apparently you are really dear to him. However, sexologists don`t recommend tantric sex often, because it can also harm men’s health, especially if your beloved is over 40. Doesn’t he need problems with pressure, pulse or hormones? Therefore, you shouldn`t encourage such sexual altruism. Better to treat sex as way to receive pleasure and to show love on non-verbal level, and then no myths can darken your relationship.

Fact 9

Male egoism is inevitable before orgasm. Even if your partner is wonderful lover who knows how to give woman real pleasure, anyway, at last minute before onset of orgasm, he will focus solely on himself. At this point, men focus entirely on their feelings, set desired rhythm and control pace of movement. Such actions occur instinctively, so in this case you shouldn`t be offended and blame your partner for inattention and self-centeredness.