Can a man avoid Sexual Dysfunction in his Golden Age?

EDAre erectile disorders (ED) really inevitable?

It is believed that the inability to maintain a long sexual intercourse decreases with age. However, some men notice that they become even sexually stronger while getting older. Actually the sexual activity is not necessarily age-related. Many sexologists claim that golden years could even be more productive for intimate life. Of course, there are some aging risks, but luckily they may be successfully treated.

ED Factors

Long sexual intercourse is a result of a complicated consequence of effects inside human body. Sexual desire stimulates penis nerves which are responsible for the muscles job in the spongy tissues. When muscles are relaxed, they lengthen the penis. In such condition blood flows from the arteries and fills the tissue spaces. The continuous erection is sustained by membranes around the spongy. And anything interrupting this process may cause unwanted sexual disorders.

EDDoes the age really matter?

Today it is obvious that sexual dysfunction is treatable in any age and definitely not inevitable. That fact that erectile dysfunction comes when you are getting older is a misconception. National Institutes of Health experts claim that only 17% of men over their 60s and just 4% of men in their 50s may not be able to maintain an erection. The problem may be caused by a huge amount of reasons, not always associated with age.

Medical factors

The most widespread reason for erectile problems is physical state. The complicated consequence of effects inside male body, which comes to the erection, may be disrupted by:

  • Over-weighting
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension, heart disorder or high cholesterol level
  • Prostate diseases
  • Parkinson disorder
  • Somnipathy
  • Disseminated sclerosis
  • Testosterone deficiency

Our testosterone level impacts on individual energy and sex desire. This confirms the trivial fact that anything starts in the human brain. And of course many things depend not only on genetics, but also on personal life-style. For example, nutrition and level of sugar, which cause diabetic disorder is more “reliable” source for erectile dysfunction than aging. It is proved that diabetes-II decreases blood flow to the genital damaging the nerves. By the way, men suffering from diabetes are 50% more likely to have low testosterone level (according to the American Diabetes Association). Your doctor can test for diabetic nerve damage and low testosterone. Actually, any disruption of blood flow may cause an erection disorder.

Other reasons for erectile disorders

An ability to maintain a long sexual intercourse and hard erection depends on a large set of factors. Sometimes even young men suffer from sexual disorders because of their lifestyle. List of possible reasons for erectile disorders includes:

  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Side effects of prescribed drugs
  • Mental health

Medications and alcohol decelerate nerve communication. It concerns especially alcohol, which slows the brain signals and disrupting physical coordination. Tobacco worsens sexual function by restricting blood flow (furthermore it causes serious heart diseases). Individuals with depression or anxiety are definitely in risk.

Thus, sexual dysfunction treatment does not always improve the sexual performance. For some individuals medications may be even harmful. Notably, there are some medications which possibly have an erectile dysfunction as a side-effect:

  • Depression treatments
  • Ca- blockers
  • Antihistamine drugs
  • Hypertension medications
  • Hormones

“It is very important for a man with erectile problems to learn how to manage the stress”, experts claim. Stress factors significantly suppress a libido. Anxiety, depression, general nervousness may break not only feelings. Having observed, that he does not have proper erection once, man is more likely to have the same experience second time. It is like a chain reaction. After first failure guys start to reflect on their sexual abilities and doubt about themselves.

Lifestyle and Other Effects

It is recommended to keep both physical and emotional sexual dysfunction factors under control. For a beginning an individual experiencing erectile problems may:

  • Reduce weight
  • Give up smoking
  • Establish full rapport with a sexual partner
  • Find less stressful job

Professional sexologists often propose their patients to explore themselves. They recommend to examine carefully personal possibilities and responses to “sexual” and general health challenges. By exploring himself a patient may determine what works better for him. And, of course, he needs for further consulting with a doctor to find out how his physical condition or drugs taken affected the erectile abilities.


Summarizing up the above, let’s recognize that aging itself increases the risk for sexual dysfunction only due to the contributing factors (e.g. reducing of testosterone level). All other reasons causing sexual disorders are not connected directly with age. They rather concern lifestyle and medical issues. Full medical examination may help to determine all erectile dysfunction factors and find proper solution for a healthier sexual life.