Generic ED Drugs

Generic ED Drugs

If a legendary Viagra goes generic then there is no doubt in efficiency of this kind of drugs. What do we know about generic pills and what is the difference comparing to the traditional ones?

What does generic tab mean?

As far as everybody knows the prescription drugs usually are rather expensive while their generic alternatives cost much less and still are recommended as safe and efficient remedies. We can watch Pfizer has been continuous raising its prices for Viagra since the year of its approval – 1998. Despite of this fact there are a lot of patients who give preferences to prescription pills taking advantages of brand-name history. But it becomes more popular to choose generic versions of the well-known medications because they are much cheaper. Are they as helpful as their brand-name analogue? And why are the prices lower?

The point is that quality control here is an issue.

The brand-name drug is developed and produced according to the specified and strictly regulated technological process, so a patient knows for sure what he is going to intake and what results should be expected.

The generic tabs are also produced by legal and reputable producers who just do not spend a lot of money on quality control procedures and testing. Of course there are particular requirements as to the quality of product and they are met otherwise the tabs could not be sold legally. But still the generic product is regarded as bioequivalent to its brand-name variant and it is not completely the same. Even if the manufacturers of generic tabs use the identical components, then the technological scheme can differ and that can result in some difference in action. Besides, they can apply some additives also influencing the effectiveness of the drug.

But in general everybody agrees that generic medications are safe and helpful and perfectly legal being much cheaper.

Why do manufacturers of prescription ED medications agree to their generic forms?

 ED medications

And who says that they agree? Of course these are the market conditions where there is a competition. Levitra and Cialis are produced in different variants trying to offer advantages compared to Viagra including various administer forms, size, effect duration and other conditions. But this is a struggle among the brand medications. And what about generic vs brand?

Until now Viagra has been patent protected for a long time from any generic forms. That is why in the territory of USA the generic Viagra is not legal though it can be bought online without any difficulties. What would happen if Viagra becomes available in a generic form on the global market? It is clear, the market will be flooded with generic tabs produced with the same active ingredients, dosage, strength of action and indications by legal manufacturers but not initial one. The competition increases and the prices are going to reduce materially and of course it will lead to a price reduction on brand-name Viagra. Even now facing competition for magic blue pills Pfizer develops the assortment offering new forms of them. Not a long ago a chewable form of Viagra was presented in Mexico. You can find it under the name Viagra Jet.

But now the situation is under control of Pfizer as far as generics are not allowed being sold until the patent expires on the original brand name drug. In this way the producer protects its pharmaceutical formula form being copied because if it is, the profits of the company will be lost. Thus, during the patent protection only the original manufacturer has the legal right to develop new variations of patented formula, produce the drugs according to it and sell them under the marketed brand. When the action of patent is over, any other producer can count on approval of the generic version. So, when you buy brand-name cialis 10mg or Cialis of the other strength, you can be sure to support the wellbeing of its original producer.

On website there is a wide choice of generic drugs having lower research costs. And you can be sure that every generic product presented here meets strict FDA requirements as to quality, labeling, technologies, and bioequivalence.