How to increase potency by natural ways?

Today situation is such, that many men of middle and young age have potency violations. Fearing to consult doctor, men are increasingly resorting to use synthetic drugs to increase potency, and forget about natural remedies, that contribute to improving erectile function.

Synthetic means have only one significant plus: they increase potency immediately. For example, the famous Viagra begins to act half an hour after admission and retains its effect for 5 hours.

Improving potency in natural way, implies not only actions aimed at improving sexual function, but also improving whole body,  state of which directly affects men sexual function.

Problems with potency can be temporary, when erectile dysfunction is observed for short period, and permanent, when erectile dysfunction is present for long time. If such problem arises, before going to doctor you can try to solve it by yourself, following some advice on maintaining men’s health.

Natural methods of potency increasing

They can be presented as following:

  • Nutrition plays primary role in whole organism functioning. Food should contain all necessary nutrients for body, especially vitamins and minerals necessary for potency, main of which are zinc, selenium, vitamin E, C, vitamins of group B. Every day you should fill your daily need for these substances.
  • Special exercises to increase potency are aimed at increasing blood circulation in pelvic organs and training potency muscles – pubic-coccygeal muscles. These exercises don`t take much time and give noticeable result after first training week.
  • Sexual function and sexual desire are directly related to level of male sex hormone testosterone. Low level of testosterone in male body causes decrease in potency and sexual potential. This is especially true for middle-aged and older men, whose testosterone levels begin to decline gradually (by about 1–1.5% per year after 25 years).
  • Overweight in men is worst potency enemy. The fact is that overweight reduces testosterone levels and increases estrogen level – female hormones, excessive level of which leads to erectile dysfunction and deterioration in general men`s health. In addition, overweight leads to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, which are serious factors for reducing potency and health risks.
  • Refuse from alcoholic beverages usage, smoking and narcotic substances usage. The fact, that bad habits are worst potency enemy has long been proven by doctors. Just getting rid of bad habits can dramatically improve men sexual function.
  • Sedentary lifestyle helps reduce potency. It is noticed, that representatives of sedentary occupations have more pronounced tendency to impairment of potency than representatives of professions whose occupation is associated with physical activity. Therefore, another effective way to increase potency is physical activity and active sports.
  • Problems with erectile function arise on basis of psychological experiences. These could be consequences of unsuccessful sexual intercourse, lack of confidence in their sexual abilities, etc. In any case, you need to get rid of sex complexes.
  • Avoid stress, prolonged depressions and feelings. When body is susceptible to any experiences, sexual function is inhibited. This is due to ancient mechanism of fertilization, essence of which is that offspring is born in most favorable conditions.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours per day. Sleep should take place in optimal conditions in complete silence and darkness. On issue of increasing potency must be approached comprehensively, then effectiveness of treatment will be much higher.

So, as you can see, everything isn`t so complicated. And, if you want to reach good result, follow this ways.