Topical pills for erection

non prescription erection pillsA good potency is an essential condition of every successful man. Absence of sexual life or insufficient male activity has a bad influence on a man – he gets extremely depressed, nervous and violent. There is a great deal of reasons, causing an erectile dysfunction: bad environmental conditions, unhealthy way of life, constant psychological pressure, different diseases and complications after surgeries, lack of physical activity, junk food, heredity, and so on. Read more about causes of impotence on

Modern pharmaceutical market offers a huge selection of drugs to cure sexual frustration, but they all can be divided into:

  1. Synthetic preparations, having an immediate effect,
  2. Natural preparations, so-called biologically active supplements intended for a longer course,
  3. Traditional oriental medicines.

Pills with a synthetic (chemical) formula are aimed to:

  • Increase male libido and provide a long, strong erection,
  • Prevent premature ejaculation and prolong a sexual intercourse,
  • Have a lasting effect up to 36 hours.

We will consider the most demanded and effective non prescription erection pills.


It is the first medication for potency treatment, boosting extra penile blood supply and thereby enhancing erection. It also sharpens sensations during sex, providing a full-fledge orgasm. A pill of Viagra is taken 30 minutes before sex with a continuous action up to 4 hours. Though the preparation is over the counter, it has some contradictions: cardiovascular diseases, renal impairment, and central nervous system disorders (epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease). Dosage is 50 mg.


This is a selective inhibitor (stimulator) of phosphodiesterase 5, which boosts penile blood supply during only sexual excitement. In a calm state a man will not suffer from an unexpected erection. Unlikely other non prescription erection pills, Levitra was specially designed for elderly men, who may suffer from cardiac or kidney failure. A dose is 10 mg.


The advantage of this pill is an instant action in 10-15 minutes, provided a man has an arousal. It cures and improves erection and quality of sperm, has no complications and contraindication, but intake of organic nitrate essences. A pill of Cialis is 20 mg, and an effect remains up for twenty-four hours.


Like many pills for erection, this inhibitor releases smooth muscles in arteries, and blood without difficulty flows to penile tissues, causing an erection during sex stimulation. The affect is achieved in 30 minutes and remains for 24 hours. People suffering from arterial hypertension must take this medicine with caution. Dosage is 100 mg, which can be increased if a desirable effect is absent. It has no severe side-effects.


It is a non-synthetic means intended to cure potency, improve erection, and prevent premature ejaculation. Pills are taken as a tonic treatment for 2 weeks. An effect comes on the second day. Though the formula is claimed to be natural, it has some contradictions: high pressure, apparent atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disorder. A capsule is 31 mg, taken orally in morning.


The means not only improves erection, increases libido and normalizes testosterone level, but also cures severe impotency in 12 weeks of usage as instructed. If taken correctly, the preparation has no after-effects. For an episodic stimulation of erection a man should take 1-2 pills an hour before sex. A dose is 20 mg. a course of therapy can be repeated every 3-6 months.